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Michlbauer Harmonikawelt


From now on it is possible to easily write your favorite songs in the original Michlbauer layout on sheet music by yourself.
Never before has there been a program with which the writing of fingering notation was as easy as with the music notation program MC-SCORE Michlbauer Edition.

By the new PC keyboard input the writing of the finger notation functions is almost as easy as playing your own harmonica.

Note: MC-Score Michlbauer Edition is distributed exclusively by Michlbauer.


Mundharmonikaschule - Noldi Tobler


All my music books are written with Midi Connection Score. In addition to the staff you can practically at the "push of a button" the special harmonica tablatures. These special characters simplify the playing on the harmonica. Midi Connection Score is an outstanding notation program that leaves nothing to be desired. Highly recommended!

Noldi Tobler


Knöpferl Musikverlag


Knöpferl-Musikverlag everything about the Styrian harmonica Exclusive fingering booklets + lessons + seminars

The textbook:
The Knöpferl School is easy, understandable & contemporary.

We have been using MC-Score for 10 years because it means fast & uncomplicated work for us. It has a nice score and allows you to convert notes to fingering and vice versa.


Schweizer Volkslieder - Renato Allenspach


"I have written all of my music books with Midi-Connections Score and am enthusiastic about the program. Especially with fingering notations it is super practical, since you can listen to the piece directly from the fingering. Highly recommended!"

Renato Allensbach


Sheet music for Guggen


With "Sheet music for Guggen" scores of desired pieces are arranged with MC-Score and saved as PDF. Since the instrumentation of the different Guggen music can be very different, the possibility of MC-Score to manage different scores and individual parts in one file is enormously helpful.

Also the valve/train generator is a function that saves a lot of time. With the "save as PDF" function, the desired scores can be compiled from the various score excerpts and saved in a PDF file.


Uki and Tuki Play...


"Uki and Tuki Play..." is a series of ukulele learning booklets, where all sheet music has been prepared with MC score and then layout into booklet form with Affinity Publisher. The standard notation (treble clef) can be converted to ukulele tablature with just a few clicks.

The *.emf export function of MC-Score makes it possible to integrate score data easily and quickly in layout programs.


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