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playing midifiles and notation

Verfasst: 11 Jul 2019, 14:44
von jos claes
Hi, When i load a midifile i do have to change the whole thing. number of bars, resolution, the cords are in the notes also the lyricks.

Can i make a standard layout so all the things are in the right possition
or do i have to do that eatch time?

i'm 78years and i can't find the thing to do!

best regards

Re: playing midifiles and notation

Verfasst: 15 Jul 2019, 13:44
von eduardo
Open the dialog under extras/Options and select the section of the desired settings. In the example you can see the "System Settings". There you can enter the Chord Distance.
Under "Presentation-Options" you can choose the Bar Numbers... and so on. Then close the Option dialog.

e_layout.jpg (114.41 KiB) 18573 mal betrachtet

The next step is to load the MIDI-File. Open the "Main-Score" menu, then "New Single Part.." then "Standard Layout". In the Presentation-Options-Dialog select the track you want to show in the notation, than press the button "show".

e_layout 2.jpg
e_layout 2.jpg (107.11 KiB) 18573 mal betrachtet

Hope that will help.