First and last staff lines over several songs at the same position

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First and last staff lines over several songs at the same position

Beitrag von eduardo » 11 Dez 2018, 09:41

There I get the question of a user, how to get the first and the last notation line of the first page on the same position over several pieces. The different pieces should show a different number of lines per page.


I had to think for myself about how it could be done. It needs certain conditions so that this is at all realizable.

1) the note size must be the same for all songs (in the example 90%)
2) the "bottom distance" of the systems must be the same for all songs
3) No single line spacing (set up with "bar lines") may be changed.

After some thinking I made myself an Excel table which calculates the settings for me.


The values of the output song must be inserted in the green fields (with the exception of C11). Under "Presentation/Pagesettings" the top distance (head height) and the comment distance can be read out. In the example 26 and 12.

In the same dialog under "System settings" the values for the "Top Distance" and "Bottom Distance" can be read out. Then the number of lines visible on the first page must be entered in B11. In field D10 the scaling factor of the "Notation Options" must be entered (in the example 90%).

Now it is only necessary to enter the number of lines for the target piece (C11) that were given as 6 in the example. The values C4=head height, C6=comment distance and C12=top distance (system) are transferred into the new piece. The result is to be seen in the picture completely above.

The Excel table can be downloaded under Download/Freeware on our homepage.