MIDI-Connections Score/Light and Free 7.0.2 Bugfix

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MIDI-Connections Score/Light and Free 7.0.2 Bugfix

Beitrag von eduardo » 01 Feb 2022, 12:33

The version MIDI-Connections Score 7.0.2 has been released.

The latest version MC-Score 7.0.2 can be downloaded at www.midi-connections.com/score7gb.htm.
The latest version MC-Light 7.0.2 can be downloaded at www.midi-connections.com/light7gb.htm.
The latest version MC-Free 7.0.2 can be downloaded at https://www.midi-connections.com/downlo ... ware_e.htm.

PS: The installation can be installed directly over the existing V7. So no new registration must be made. The CD and user keys only work with the corresponding version!

Changelog Version 7.0.2:
  • New General: c is a hotkey for DaCapo, cursor jumps to current part start with first c-hotkey, to song start with second c-hotkey
  • New Notation: A click into the green rectangle enlarges the page to the screen width
  • New MultiGrid: Even when playing a song, a part can be selected outside the playback area. Only when the position pointer comes back into the visible area, the AutoScroll at the right edge is activated again.
  • Notation: showing/hiding time signature/key signature change at the end of the line did not work anymore
  • Notation: valve train generator only worked on the first page
  • Notation: violin-bass clef was missing split spacing in calculation
  • Notation: mc6Marti with thicker circles
  • Notation: Export BMP Error if only one page
  • Notation: comment right 2 was lost after saving
  • Notation: different formatting codes in footer and page number were not or wrongly interpreted
  • Notation: fingering and first-bar-of-the-line set MainFont and not FingerSetFontName for volte numbers
  • Notation: Note buttons with hotkey indications
  • Notation: yToNextSystem was incorrectly implemented in score mode
  • Notation: EMF clipboard drew an unwanted character at 1/2 in polyphonic voice leading
  • Notation: if a note extract has a blank page at the beginning, switching between line and full page editor did not work correctly
  • Notation: show special note header was always set to "YES" when loading
  • notation: second open song could not be closed in notation (error message)
not yet fixed bugs
  • Sequencer: the function "Select" in the grids is lost from time to time (workaround: reload
  • Sequencer: copying sections in the sequencer to a second open song can trigger an error message (workaround: none yet)
  • Notation: spacing setup can sometimes not be switched off (workaround: switch to sequencer and back to notation)
  • Notation: with some users only the staves are printed when printing (workaround: export PDF and print PDF)