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midi player stop

Verfasst: 22 Jul 2019, 06:55
von jos claes

When i play midifiles for a while the player stops playing no notes anymore
what to do the tracks are there but empty.
i had this already 2 times and had to reinstall the software.

will be there to many items in the list
How can i remove the items in the list wher you can see what you already have done?


Re: midi player stop

Verfasst: 22 Jul 2019, 16:40
von eduardo
You need to describe the problem in more detail.
- did you load a midi file and the file was empty?
- was this midi file saved with MC-Score/Light and then the file was empty?

If the midi file was empty then, sure, nothing can be played.

Do you mean with the “items list”, the list on the start page of the program?
On my computer there are over 500 positions in the list. Without problems.

Re: midi player stop

Verfasst: 24 Jul 2019, 15:34
von jos claes
after a while i load midifles seveall the tracks are displayed but emthy
So i had to reinstall the program
after a few day's the same problem the tracks are ther but don't play


Re: midi player stop

Verfasst: 25 Jul 2019, 09:50
von eduardo
Unfortunately, I still don't understand exactly what the problem is. In the example I load a MIDI file with different tracks each containing a part.

midifile 1.jpg
midifile 1.jpg (203.38 KiB) 20973 mal betrachtet

Now you have edited the file and save it again as a MIDI file. (1) Is that so? Or did you save the file as a *.tsn file (2)?
Later you will have the MIDI file you saved loaded again. (3) Is that so?
But the parts in the MIDI file have disappeared, only the track labels remain. (4) Is that so?
midifile 2.jpg
midifile 2.jpg (50.03 KiB) 20973 mal betrachtet

Please answer questions 1-4, otherwise I don't understand the problem. If possible, a screenshot of a faulty MIDI file would also help.

Re: midi player stop

Verfasst: 26 Jul 2019, 07:13
von jos claes
i just opend a midifile

you can see the tracks but they are empty so they don't play

also when i open an other midifile the same thing happends

i had to reinstall because there is also nothing in the event list and in the notation NO notes
When you start the midifile it's moving not playing
next time i'll send You a picture