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recent works

Verfasst: 22 Jul 2019, 09:58
von jos claes
How can i delete RECENT WORKS list


Re: recent works

Verfasst: 22 Jul 2019, 16:32
von eduardo
I am not relay sure, which list is meant. If it’s the file list on the startpage, then this list is saved in the “FileHistory.ini” file. You will find this file in the directory «Documents/midi-connections». You can delete this file and restart MC-Score/Light/Free and the file list will be empty.

filehistory 1.jpg
filehistory 1.jpg (110.29 KiB) 12596 mal betrachtet

But why? If a file in the list was not found, it is written red. You can delete the entry (not the file!!) with the “Remove not found files from the list” button.

filehistory 0.jpg
filehistory 0.jpg (127.47 KiB) 12596 mal betrachtet